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Trading Contract for Difference is quite similar to share trading. The rules are the same. What is different is that in CFDs you do not own the underlying asset. You buy a contract between you and your broker. You can trade stocks with CFDs on the IQ Option platform. Contents1 The differences between trading shares […] IQ Option overnight fee. If you actively bid using IQ Option, then you should definitely know about such thing as overnight fee. It is the percentage rate charged by the company from the client for transferring an open position on the following day. It is taken only while using leverage. Forex; IQ Option offer forex trading on a small number of currencies. Spreads are on the high side and the brand do not excel in this area One such feature is the ‘position top-up’. This allows a trader to hold a trade open if it is approaching a stop loss. It gives the trader more scope to allow trades to recover before being closed. Bitcoin is the most popular cryptocurrency in the world today. Cryptocurrencies are digital currency. Their main advantage is that there's no central authority controlling them. Bitcoin is also very scarce making it quite valuable. At its peak, 1 BTC was worth well over $19000. But today, this value has dropped to around $10000. This […] IQ Option gives the trader the flexibility to develop their own trading style. Binary Options asset profit is, compared to other brokers, very high! With a normal account, you sometimes get over 90% return. The VIP account gives you 5-20% more return. With IQ Option trade Forex, CFDs and Bitcoin with spread less than 1.0 pip. What is the Buy and Hold Forex Trading Strategy? Real trading tutorial Long-term profits are possible Easy to understand Read more IQ Option Availability. IQ Option has grown to become a very popular online platform with the platform now available to traders in 30+ countries worldwide.. The company was launched in 2013, and they started out by offering only binary options, but they’ve now become one of the leaders for Forex&CFDs trading. How to trade Forex with IQ Option? Simple tutorial for beginners 2021 Learn how to use the platform Spreads Conditions Read more IQ option is likely a scam, but just to reflect on this issue you had. the formula to calculate your profit is 20*50/1515.975*(1535.9196-1515.975) just fyi. in that case your profit should be 13.6, but since you held the position for longer it seems that the difference was taken as swaps. Forex is short for foreign exchange. The forex market is a place where currencies are traded. It is the largest and most liquid financial market in the world with an average daily turnover of 6.6 trillion U.S. dollars as of 2019. The basis of the forex market is the fluctuations of exchange rates.

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